The vision was for a space that could subtly tell its patrons, a place to dine with friends for tasty authentic Chinese street style food that is casual & busy, unexpected & natural, friendly & alive!

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Each floor to feels different to the patrons. Downstairs the vibe is busy and lively, with warm rich tones for the furniture and wall treatments providing a welcoming & ambient atmosphere.

Upstairs the dining is slower pace, intimate and features communal round tables, and long quilted banquet seating. The tables are stained dark upstairs, closing in the space and making it seem more intimate.

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The palette is rich in terracotta, reds, teals and timbers. Accented by amber, brass and gold. Our intent was to use this very traditional palette and twist it with bold forms and repetition.

The brush installation above the banquet seating upstairs which was created using hundreds of antique calligraphy brushes which are all unique and nod to the name 'Artwok'. They are a bold feature, yet a subtle way of tying in the rich Chinese heritage of the owners into the space in an unexpected way.

Details & Dimensions

Area: 185 sqm
Location: Takapuna, Auckland
Date: April 2016


By Jeremy Toth