Atomic Cafe

We wanted to inject copper in an unexpected way to reflect the richness of the updated Atomic brand, which was based on the timeless quality of copper and the conceptually beautiful links between the pouring of molten metal and coffee crema - liquid gold.

We felt it was important to be intelligent with our use of copper features and introduced complimenting materials that texturised the space creating subtle layers, warmth & life.

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The richness of copper and all of it's wonderful qualities, patinas & hues drove the personality of the space and inspired us to pair it with some wonderful friends; timber, cork, terracotta, and concrete. These enhanced the warm yet utilitarian interior, providing touches of luxury that marry beautifully with earthly elements.

Details & Dimensions

Area: 120 sqm
Location: Kingsland, Auckland
Date: March 2016


By Jeremy Toth