As the fourth player into New Zealand, Carl’s Jr. needed to make a more compelling connection. The trend towards ‘fast casual’ (vs. just fast) burger dining compounded the challenge.

We worked with Saturday who carried out brand research, visited burger bars, soaked up and documented our experiences, and shared their expanding knowledge and waistlines with us to carry out a new experience for the Carls Jr Audience.

More Info

We were lead by the story of an American classic. The result is a refined restaurant experience, thats altogether slicker, ambient and moodier than the past incarnations in NZ. We were driven by the desire to add authentic materials and textures into the interiors to deliver a new Carl’s Jr. They don’t make burgers like they used to. But we do.

The change has seen a rethinking in the publics view towards the Carls Jr brand. This positive perception has been a game changer, the new look we have designed and implemented across two fit outs so far has been picked up internationally (which is amazing for NZ to be leading the new direction).

Details & Dimensions

Area: 100 sqm
Location: Bush Inn, Christchurch
Date: March, 2016