Duct Tape

Sitting within Ponsonby Central, a distinctly industrial precinct, our clients wanted a futuristic space, intending it as a workshop to fix iphones. We married the ideas to speak of now, referencing moments of technology. First we named the store, to fit the kiwi ‘fix-it' mentality, then based the design around electronic circuits, last century watch workshops and old NY lofts. 

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These circuits, pattern and colour aided the design, and further defined our material palette; steel, georgian wire glass, duck-egg blue and neon yellow. The store is industrial, with elements of technology piercing throughout.Loving repetition within circuit diagrams, they influenced the illustrated wallpaper, made of relevant tools used to fix electronics - tweezers, screwdrivers, iPhones, etc. Their dogs also feature.


RED Awards 2014 - Appliances, Electronics & Digital Division Award


By Jeremy Toth