Little Nuffield

With a fantastic brief to create a unique cafe that would be the heart and gemstone of Nuffield St, we were able to create a diverse, playful and welcoming space. We sought to capture people’s attention and imaginations. Designing the interior, identity and signage together gives the project a cohesiveness that influences and shapes the space holistically. 

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With a modest budget innovate use of resources and materials was a must; palette crates used for shelving and joinery and roofing tin as an alternative to stainless steel. This allowed us to allocate funds to key features such as the handmade tiles. The internal wool wrapped sign hangs center stage catching your eye as you enter the cafe. A hexagonal vinyl decal provides privacy and extends the identity (geometric shapes) creating a ‘peep hole’ into the cafe that glows after hours. 


Area: 20 sqm 
Location: Auckland, New Zealand
Date: March 2012


RED Awards, 2012 Nourishment Division

BEST Awards, 2012 Silver Award Winner – Spatial: Hospitality

Shortlisted in: RESTAURANT AND BAR AWARDS UK, 2013 Australia & Pacific Restaurant


By Jeremy Toth