Our clients had undertaken the huge task of designing a new building to house the prestigious automobile brands Volkswagen & Audi in Hamilton, to live in perfect balance side by side. A central space between the 2 showrooms was design specifically by Chow Hill Architects for a cafe - a place where the 2 showrooms would meet harmoniously, bringing the brands together whilst creating a place of interaction between customers and the local community. As both brands have very specific corporate identities, the brief was to merge both of their worlds by creating an organic, warm and welcoming space that could read as it's own entity. An eaterie that was unexpected and timeless in it's aesthetic.

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The overall design is very simple so we wanted it be executed perfectly, with all of the details considered, paying homage to the preciseness of European automotive design. The building is split into 2, with the more linear & white Volkswagen on one side; fluid & black Audi on the other.

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We felt that tying in these aesthetic & colour qualities with natural materials would marry the two brands & bring a softness to the overall building, thus simplifying our palette immediately. Oak was applied to walls & furniture, coupled with black & white feature materials. Woven fabric chairs and beautifully hand crafted pendants cut through the harder existing materials of concrete & aluminium mesh.

Details & Dimensions

Area: 83 sqm
Location: Hamilton East
Date: December 2015


By Jeremy Toth