At Superette their philosophy is simple, everything they buy, they desire for themselves. A collection of their favourite things, a trove of objects to desire.

Superette’s existing stores are fresh and inspired, built upon this philosophy, serving as a constantly changing mecca of sought-after and unique products and since its inception, has established the brand as one of New Zealand’s leading fashion destinations. The new store in Takapuna is no different. We designed it to be a stylishly relaxed backdrop to display and sell their perfectly curated product.

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The office above guided some of the detailing of the new store, with hints to the Hamptons in the louvered panels on the counter fronts, and the large palms filling the lofty spaces. Painting out the concrete formwork and bricks white softened the industrial backdrop, and a new concrete floor was laid, with brass letters spelling Superette to greet your feet as you enter the store.

The fitting rooms are covered in white groove paneling and pinhole bucket lights to reiterate the beach feeling like the inside of a boathouse, or Bach. The luxe is added on the fitting room doors, which are covered in gold plex. Bespoke circular timber handles were made for each door that also nod to the white circular handles in the office above.

Details & Dimensions

Area: 150 sqm
Location: Takapuna, Auckland.
Date: May 2015


Finalist in BEST Awards 2015 - Spatial: Retail Environments


By Jeremy Toth