The Junction is a compelling and welcoming eatery for the Birkenhead community. Set within a new City Council project, Kaimataara O Wai Manawa. The project was a collaboration with the local Iwi to provide a public viewing platform built over Le Roys Bush.

We were touched by the description the local Maori Iwi gave using the land and sea near Le Roys Bush & Waitemata Habour to hunt and gather. They described unique weaving techniques, and the use of minerals from rock and cliff to create various paint colours and textures.

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By extracting some of the artistic techniques they referenced, we created a strong narrative throughout the interior. The richness of using the earthy tones of the surrounding landscape and all of its wonderful hues and patinas.

Downstairs is light and soft; oak, marble, exposed concrete and linen relates to the narrative while being fresh, young and timeless. The simple layout allows for the layers of subtle materials to be a focus. Warmth and life touch every sense.

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A natural ‘layering’ progression leads upstairs, trandforming into a deeper intimate evening setting; earth terracotta’s, mustard velvet, deep leather and a rich solid walnut floor.

We explored the use of timber throughout which we moulded into organically carved shapes referencing the geography of the terrain, emphasising the fluidity of the local mangroves and kauri. Thus, subtly paired with modern vertical lines which can be found in the slatted seat, banquet paneled upholstery and rippled curtains.

Details & Dimensions

Area: 300 sqm
Location: Birkenhead
Date: January 2017


By Michelle Weir