Domestic Terminal offerings are generally found in the shadow of the more glamorous international counterpart. But with Wayfarer a bright, modern cafe serving eighthirty coffee, craft-beers, local wine and hand-crafted food, the Domestic Terminal is finally getting some shine.

The objective was to bring the romance back to travel and create a brand that stands out in dull grey environment. While the location offered some obvious design cues, the direction needed to be a subtle nod to travel, rather than being gimmicky or overdone.

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To achieve this, repetition and movement were employed to play on the idea of the layers of memories, tastes, and experiences in travel. Visual references to journeying; getting from A to B. Physical layering of materials, patina, pattern and repetition of objects achieved this objective.

Travel layers memories. It layers the experiences we have, the tastes and flavours we experience, the different cultures and cities we journey through. It overlaps these things over time, just like the stamps on our passports.

The counter becomes the main grounded feature in the café, a place to congregate. Two parts: the first a server-coffee-craft beer area. The second: a waiting area where patrons gather. A large layered slab, sits within a timber frame. NY Art Dept created a rammed earth effect, in earthy tones with the blue found in metallic patinas. The copper in the counter will patina over time hinting to the layering of memory.

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Our client was keen to keep a less is more approach, creating a warm inviting environment for travellers. The simple palette is repeated variety of ways. The oak as grooved wall panels, shelving, banquet seating details, framing around the counter, and furniture. The copper and blue patina emerges on the leaners, the concrete counter front and the blue powdercoat on the coffee machine and seating. The mesh features on the back window creating a division from the heavy traffic outside, while still creating a sense of allurement to within.

The counter is made from MDF panels which have been transformed by an artist we collaborated with to create the concrete layered effect.

Details & Dimensions

Area: 60 sqm
Location: Domestic Airport, Auckland
Date: Feb 2017


By Jeremy Toth