Patch, Auckland

  • Location:

    Sunnybrae, Auckland

  • Category:

    commercial, hospitality

  • Date:


  • Area:

    223 sqm

  • Photographer:

    Sam Harnett

Paying homage to Hillcrest’s past, Patch is a charming cafe inspired by the original strawberry fields that once grew in its place, crafted with recycled and thoughtfully considered materials.

Nestled amongst the industrial setting of Hillcrest lies an enchanting cafe that pays homage to the area's rich history. Inspired by the original strawberry fields that once grew in its place, this charming setup is a testament to the region's past, with a design that cleverly incorporates recycled and thoughtfully considered materials. The layout has been devised to optimise the natural light and create a warm, welcoming atmosphere while cleverly dividing the space for different dining moods. From the cosy booths to the communal tables, there is a space for everyone to feel at home. Staying true to the industrial bones of the building, each material and surface has been carefully selected for its unique character and history, from the recycled timber to the raw concrete detailing, seamlessly blending with original features like the rafters that hang overhead. Surprising red details and colourful wall art inject a playful energy. The result is a space that feels both authentic and new, paying tribute to the past while looking towards the future, a place where visitors can feel a sense of connection to the land and the community that calls it home.

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