The Dairy Private Hotel, by Naumi

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  • Category:

    commercial, Hotels

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  • Area:

    500 sqm

  • Photographer:

    Sam Harnett

Retaining its old-world charm, The Dairy Private Hotel takes inspiration from its existing character and rich history to reimagine its next chapter with a newfound glamour.

Located at the foot of the hill that leads to the Skyline Gondola and Bob’s Peak, The Dairy is built around Queenstown’s original dairy dating back to the 1920s and houses 13 ensuite rooms as well as a large four-bedroom apartment.

Our aim for The Dairy was to create a luxurious, rustic glamour, uniquely beautiful and bespoke, while paying homage to the style of traditional European ski chalets and the rich history of the area. Completed during the tumultuous year of 2020, this ambitious renovation had its challenges, but with perseverance, a truly unique hotel experience was created.

Exercising decorative freedom through craftsmanship, colour and unexpected details, our vision for The Dairy was realised not only through grand statements, such as the bold red and blue tartan carpet, but also through small gestures like vintage decorative collections and eclectic artwork.

This mix of local and international influences has resulted in an eccentric opulence that feels unique to the location — a bold curated hotel interior that offers its guests a luxurious and restful stay with its balance of old-world charm and contemporary comforts.