Haven, Auckland

  • Location:

    Amaru, Auckland

  • Category:

    Developments, Residential, upcoming

  • Date:

    Unrealised concept

  • Visualisations by:

    Mr P (renders)

Luxury living designed for One Tree Hill’s proposed Haven Townhouse development, combining robust materials and playful elements in a concept up to the challenge of modern life.

Haven Townhouses represents a high-end residential project designed to sit within the tranquil environment of One Tree Hill, a well-established and conveniently located suburb that strikes a balance between the urban vibrancy of central Auckland and the serene ambience of its residential surroundings.

Inside, our design concept caters to the demands of contemporary living, featuring a robust and utilitarian selection of materials that is elevated by tasteful touches of playfulness and character, ensuring a welcoming and comfortable living experience for its residents.

Drawing inspiration from its location, a contemporary colour scheme has been chosen that showcases the earthy hues of Kōkōwai (red ochre) and obsidian, complemented by the natural warmth of timber tones. Additional features have been designed with a neutral and minimalist touch, allowing ample natural light to flood the interiors and create an open and inviting ambience.

"Monk Mackenzie architects recently worked alongside Material Creative on a new-build bespoke townhouse development in Auckland. We found the team to be responsive, creative and above all adaptable to client and project changes, all while maintaining their original design intent. The Material Creative team output a high level of visual material to communicate their ideas to the rest of the consultant team. Monk Mackenzie enjoyed the process of working collaboratively and found the team to be ambitious, knowledgeable and creative.“

Sebastian Hamilton, Architect, MONK MACKENZIE.