Morningside Tavern

  • Location:

    Morningside, Auckland

  • Category:

    commercial, hospitality

  • Date:


  • Area:

    300 sqm

  • Photographer:

    Sam Harnett

  • Awards:

    2019 RESTAURANT AND BAR AWARDS UK - Australia and Pacific Restaurant Shortlist

    2019 BEST AWARDS - Gold Pin - Spatial (Hospitality)

    2019 RED AWARDS - Merit Food & Beverage

    2019 EAT DRINK DESIGN AWARDS (AU) - Finalist - Best Bar Design

Morningside Precinct breathes new life into the up-and-coming fringe suburb with The Morningside Tavern, serving the local community with a family-friendly atmosphere and a playful, brick-laden space.

Nestled in the eclectic urban mix of Auckland's central city fringe, Morningside is an up-and-coming suburb, underutilised as industrial space and lacking a sense of community fusion. That was until the development of Morningside Precinct, a vibrant new hub of bars, eateries, retail, office, and event space. Operating at the core of this newly established precinct, The Morningside Tavern serves as the trusty neighbourhood watering hole. Aesthetically motivated by the heritage of its location, on a site historically used as a curtain factory, a red brick interior links the building’s future with its past — brick is championed across different modalities to honour the original developer of the surrounding suburb and imbue a sense of old-industrial charm. The brickwork was executed in collaboration with the joiners and bricklaying craftsmen who worked tirelessly to place each singular brick. Beyond the brick, a large surrealist mural by artist Hayley Brown add depth and humour to the space. Brightly lacquered beer taps and ductwork add unexpected colour, giving the tavern playfulness and warmth. Considered yet invitingly casual, The Morningside Tavern is a relaxed and eccentric space that perfectly reflects the slightly untamed character of its namesake suburb.