Naumi Wellington

  • Location:

    Te Aro, Wellington

  • Category:

    commercial, Hotels

  • Date:


  • Area:

    2290 sqm

  • Photographer:

    Sam Harnett

  • Awards:

    2022 EAT DRINK DESIGN AWARDS - Shortlist - Hotel

    2021 BEST AWARDS - Gold Pin - Spatial (Hospitality)

    2021 BEST AWARDS - Gold Pin - Spatial (Colour)

    2021 RED AWARDS - Supreme Award

    2021 RED AWARDS - Services Group Winner

    2021 DULUX colour awards - Commercial Interior : Public and Hospitality - finalist

In crafting the interiors for the world-class Naumi Wellington Hotel, we pay homage to the post-impressionist movement and scientific revolution, drawing on bold colours and structural arrangement to create an unexpected and artistic space.

In the world of design, there is an undeniable link between art, science and nature. The forces that drive artists and scientists to create are one and the same: passion, curiosity, and an insatiable wonder for the natural world. Art is often a reflection of the world around us, influenced by the broader cultural movements of our time. At the turn of the century the as the building Naumi resides in, The People’s Palace, was being constructed on Wellington’s Cuba Street, there was a scientific revolution underway. Simultaneously, the art world was rejecting the naturalistic interests of the Impressionists, instead favouring a meticulous and scientific approach to colour, form, and composition. In this 62 room hotel project, our 4th for Naumi, we pay homage to this post-impressionist scientific revolution, drawing on geometric patterns, bold colours, and structural arrangement to create a space that is both unexpected and artistic. Where the rhythm and visual tempo of the space are emphasised by the tension between harmony and structural arrangement. A palette that reflects the essence of Naumi – colourful and wild with a refined edge.